Bat signal was formed under the midnight sky of a full moon night in 2014, to deliver dark, melodic punk rock with a vengeance. They released their first E.P. on cassette called "Dangernights" in 2015, which was supported by their first international tour of 15 days. The band released their first vinyl LP called "Straight out of midnight" the next year, followed by a 30 day European tour. They have performed intensively within their country, alongside some of the most important Greek Punk Rock bands, getting a strong reputation for their passionate and energetic live show. Their music has also garnered favorable reviews from zines and the underground press, noting the subtle dark tones of their music, musical originality, and the heartfelt tone of their lyrical content, filled with numerous pop culture references. They have released music in collaboration with Terminal Records (Athens), Cannonball Music (Athens), Keep It A Secret Records (Germany), L.R.S Records (New York), W.A.K. (Volos) and Now Or Never (Thessaloniki). They have toured Europe and Greece at least once a year since 2015, having acquired their own touring van and a full backline ready to hit stages anytime.

As of 2019 Bat Signal are once again hitting European stages both in May and November, with a 7" single (Like A Drug) scheduled for release in Autumn, and having recording their second LP at the Terminal Studio during the summer scheduled for release in 2020. After many self booked tours and releases, they are looking to collaborate with booking agencies and record labels that can take their music a step further in the European scene.



​​what we have on our hands is a piece of Midnight Punk art, with compositions filled with raw energy, power and electricity, serving as the perfect soundtrack of a dangerous Saturday night meeting. Melodies and sonic hooliganism spin around a well sophisticated result. As a whole, the album is easy flowing, as the evolution and the sequence of the tracks are well thought – of. The aforementioned energy emitted by each strike of the strings is probably the most striking feature of this album.


​In a constantly high energetic mood Bat Signal deliver their endless energy through this debut which is full of melodies, raw rock'n'roll power and flows seamlessly from one track to another from top to bottom.


"It's impossible to pick a favorite track!"
My conclusion: Bat Signal rock neatly forward, sometimes touch the pop punk a bit, but without slipping in the direction. What I like, because that would not fit the style of the band. So I like it very well that de band has found their own style between the chairs and fits into all these actually. The band delivers their catchy, fast and properly rocking horror midnight punk which works well and makes mood. I can imagine that this is even better with a suitable stage show than here on the album.